Pigging – Scraper Valve


MAVERICK VALVES pig – SCRAPER valves combine the advantages of the Top Entry Ball Valve , and in addition to classic applications function as shut-off valves for pigging insertion or removal valves.

The simple, secure, and fast insertion and removal of pigs takes place through an interlock that is integrated on the side of the pigging ball valve and that is locked and secured through a bayonet system.

The simple handling of the Maverick Valves pig / Scraper valves speaks for itself: For the insertion or removal of the pig the ball is rotated by 90°, meaning it is rotated into the closed position.

Prior to the opening of the interlock the housing interior is depressurized via a release valve, then the bayonet catch is unlocked and opened with a left turn.

The pig can now be inserted or removed through the interlock.The advantages of the Maverick Valves Pig/Scraper valves are primarily: Simpler operation, secure handing, reduced footprint, lower investment costs in comparison to traditional pigging interlocks

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