Control Valves

Maverick Valves manufactures high-quality control valves, with a focus on Globe Valves, Eccentric Plug Valves, and High-Performance Butterfly Valves.

Maverick products have found a multitude of niches to fill in the world of industrial control. While the skilled crafting traditions of the past determine their quality, Maverick valves are fully equipped with the technology of today and tomorrow.

To help you optimize your process performance and reliability, Maverick Valves approaches
each process and application as a specific challenge. Our control, on-off and ESD valves,
accessories, intelligent devices are engineered to meet these challenges. They provide
innovative, fundamentally simple construction, operation and maintenance features to optimize
process performance at the lowest cost.

Designed to make the big difference

The selection of the right valves and accessories in demanding and often critical
applications in oil and gas, pulp and paper or energy industry applications is often a
matter of both business performance and the efficiency, safety and reliability of process
itself. Maverick’s valves and all related products and services are always created with the
customer’s process and business in mind. We design and deliver solutions that enhance
performance and ensure process safety and reliability. Each Maverick device and solution is
based on our extensive industry experience and knowhow. Our dedicated people, from
sales to services, are committed to delivering the results our customers expect from us, and more.

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