Dutch Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Valves – Maverick Valves (MV Nederland BV) :

Maverick Valves (MV Nederland BV) is a leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-quality valves for industrial applications in the worldwide valve industry. As a young and dynamic organization based in the Netherlands, we specialize in providing valves for Subsea, LNG, FNLG, and Critical applications.

Our clients and end-users primarily operate in market segments such as oil & gas, FPSO, FLNG, chemical, and petrochemical, both on-shore and off-shore. As the sister company of Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV, we have a strong and unique position in the valve market, setting us apart from our competitors. Our manufacturing facility, managed by a dedicated team of experienced engineers and skilled personnel, ensures the production of superior valves that meet the highest industry standards.

At Maverick Valves (MV Nederland BV), our commercial and trading division has established long-term relationships with renowned valve institutes worldwide. We continuously embrace new techniques, technologies, and product developments to provide innovative valve solutions for our clients.

Our products are exported to countries around the globe, and our reputation has steadily grown due to our stringent quality control measures, excellent service, and comprehensive range of offerings. Maverick Valves (MV Nederland BV) is committed to exceeding client expectations and providing total care solutions. We are dedicated to meeting the demands of the Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries, both on-shore and off-shore.

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