Work process and Benefits

An inquiry comes in at Maverick Valves and will be evaluated on a few characteristics. If an application falls under the criteria of Manufacturing the inquiry will be placed at us. We will make a calculation which will be a quotation issued to Maverick Valves.

 If an inquiry comes in at Maverick Valves which is offered by Manufacturing than this inquiry will be for MVM. We will accept the order together with a delivery time and then the production process can be started. Transfer takes place through a Valve Data Sheet (VDS) which all general and customer-specific requirements are captured in such a way that the valve(s) can be designed.

If the draft of the design is finished it will be sent for approval to MV. If it is approved the process will continue. Ultimately, this will result in a valve according to customer specifications.




  • The entire process from the incoming order, through designing and manufacturing to packaging and transportation is done in house
  • All of our employees come from the valve world or have specific knowledge of their specialism
  • There is a high priority in training and education for our employees to maintain professional competence at the highest level
  • The organization has an HSQE department (health, safety, quality, and environment)
  • The company is in possession of all standard and product-specific certificates, such as ISO 9001/TS 29001.
  • We are doing fire safe tests by ourselves in an approved test environment, which resulted that we are accredited by major customers
  • Full traceability of materials. From the source to the end product
  • Issuance of all necessary certificates such as material, test, torque of critical parts in the assembly, coating thickness measurement, etc;
  • The cladding of materials is done in a robotic welding cel

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