Project Management

The Contracts Management Team works closely with the Customers Team to ensure that each project is carefully defined and planned since the first day, and continuously monitored throughout the stages of design, procurement, machining, assembly, and testing.

Our intent is to achieve the objective pursued by the Customer and its expectations: the Contract Management Team, in coordination and inter- facing with all MVM HQ internal Departments, is able to support and find the most effective solutions, laying the groundwork for a positive completion of the project in terms of performance and delivery times, keeping constantly informed all the interested parties regarding the progress of the project.

  • During the execution of a job order, the Project Manager will be responsible for follow-up of procurement, documentation, production, testing, technical activities of transport, duly keeping the Customer updated about progress of work.
  • The Project Manager will be responsible for identifying all possible entities that might have an impact on the supply from every possible point of view (quality / technical / cost / delivery / others).
  • Regardless of the originator of the subject, the Project Manager will be responsible to follow up the issue and coordinate all the actions required to close the issue with mutual satisfaction. Collection of all points that need follow-up must be reported in the action list that will be managed by the Project Manager and shared through effective internal meetings with the MVM HQ Department managers.
  • This above will also allow follow-up / ad- dressing of priority matters

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