Hydrostatic testing

Is the most common method employed for testing valves using a test fluid, to observe whether there is a pressure loss in the valve.

Water mixed with corrosion inhibitor is commonly used because it is easily available and harmless to the system to be tested but it is able to release a small amount of leak if the valve fails. Maverick’s Testing department counts on 7 test benches suitable for both hydrostatic and gas testing for valves from ½” to 56” and pressure classes from ANSI 150 to API 15000, from 0 to 1600 bar, for a maximum weight of 1800 Tons. 

Low pressure gas seat testing is usually performed with air or inert gas and it might be used to detect leaks not observed with standard hydrostatic testing. Cryogenic and low temperature valves are often pneumatically tested as hydrostatic testing is not recommended for such applications. 

Leak rates as per ISO 5208:
Soft seat: RATE A 
Metal seat or PMSS: RATE B, C, D

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