Fire testing

These tests determine the resistance of fire-safe-valves to a burn under controlled conditions as defined in common industry standards like: ISO 10497, API 607, 6FA, 6FB, 6FD.

Fire testing process

The performance requirements in these standards are intended to establish acceptable performance for components during a period representative of the time required to extinguish most fires.
The complete fire test is performed in a steel reinforced concrete bunker and is monitored from a safe distance and all relevant values are logged by our log- and registration system.

The acceptance of the test results is related to internal leakage of the valve seat and the external leakage of the valve during the burn and are acceptable when the internal and the external leakage during several test steps under hot and cold conditions do not exceed the maximum allowable values defined in the standard.

Test report and certification
After each test a detailed test report will be provided including a Fire Safe Certificate when the tested valve meets all requirements. In this certificate all other qualified valve classes and sizes are specified.

NOTE. On request a third party can attend and certify the fire tests.

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