Efficient After Sales Support and Supply Chain Management :

At Maverick Valves, our expertise lies in the engineering and manufacturing of valves. However, ensuring that these valves reach our customers’ locations worldwide on time is equally important. That’s where our dedicated After Sales team comes in.

From the moment a purchase order is received until the final delivery, our After Sales team meticulously tracks and traces the entire process. They take charge of arranging transportation, managing documentation, and ensuring compliance with international laws, regulations, and customer requirements.

Our After Sales department controls the entire supply chain, supported by an efficient and fully equipped Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This advanced system enables effective material requirements planning and resource allocation. It automatically generates material needs for the purchasing department, initiating the procurement process. Upon the arrival of materials, they are carefully compared against purchasing specifications and assigned a unique identification number to ensure traceability throughout the entire lifecycle.

With our After Sales department in the driver’s seat, we maintain full control and oversight of the entire process. Their expertise and proactive approach guarantee smooth operations and timely deliveries, allowing us to consistently meet customer expectations.

At Maverick Valves, we prioritize exceptional after-sales support and comprehensive supply chain management. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we remain a reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

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