Vonk Choke’s Re-engineered by Maverick

Superior quality of Vonk Choke Valves provides ultimate performance in harshest and abrasive environments along with precising the flow control. Maverick Valves Manufactures brings you a complete range including Vonk Choke Valves Model Scv, Vonk Y Type, Vonk Choke Ycv and others. The best part of these valves is its easy maintenance thus delivering the operational reliability in challenging oil and gas industry. The industry is well known for coping with the extreme operational environment.

These chokes are used to meet the safety needs of the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. All the types of valves available at our platform is tested to meet the standards of the cryogenic gas applications. Well known for delivering quality products, Vonk Inline Type range available at Maverick Valves can be tailored to meet industrial needs as it is well crafted from quality products.

Features of Maverick’s Vonk Choke Valves:

  • Durable service life of Vonk Choke Valve Chv, delivered by a simple yet robust design.
  • Low life cycle cost of Vonk Y Type thus resulting in enhanced resistance to all sort of erosive production liquid.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance serviced by removal of reserved internals while the Vonk Valves is under maintenance.
  • Maverick’s Vonk Y Type’s delivers operational safety and confidence.
  • Guaranteed by 100 percent shut-off.
  • Thoroughly controlled environmental impact guided by the reduced noise and vibration effects.
  • Enhanced pressure recovery performance delivered by ultimate bean and disk design.

The vonk valve CHV model is well designed as the angle body configuration and is easily available from the body sizes ranging from 1 to 8. It incorporates with the highly engineered rotating disc trim technology that minimizes any tear and wear. Along with this it maximizes the control ability along with guaranteeing remarkable shut-off service. This model range is highly versatile and well designed with the ISO top flange for simple automation standards.

Maverick Valves is well known name for delivering solutions to multiple industrial niches including chemical, mining, oil and gas, cement plants, water and sewage treatment. We are here to meet all the challenges faced by you. As a team, we have developed a complete range of vonk valves to meet client’s expectations as we understand the need for valves that helps us to in delivering quality and meeting deadlines.

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