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Maverick Valves Manufacturing Italy is based and located in Casei Gerola Italy and is a fast track and special Valve Manufacturer specialized in quick delivery time and tough specifications to NORSOK, MESC, Subsea etc.

We can produce and deliver whatever kind of valve you require in-house. We are specialized in materials such as Duplex, Titanium, and Nickel alloys to suit extraordinary applications for industries such as on- and offshore and up- and downstream. Valves are delivered worldwide to the (petro-)chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil production, offshore and onshore, oil refineries, gas storage, power generation, and other industrial processes.

Using both 3D and Computerized Fluid Design software, our engineers can calculate strength, flow as well as temperature and pressure influences. They work closely with the customers to provide solutions for all valve related problems and are able to finish general arrangements drawings within a week after order placement.

Short lead times, exemplary quality and good customer service are high on our agenda. We manufacture ball valves, gate valves, through a conduit, globe and needle valves, check valves as well as strainers at our facilities in The Netherlands.

Our modern manufacturing processes enable us to produce a wide range of products from both bar materials and forgings.

At this moment we have several vacancies, are you the professional we are looking for to join our team?

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