• The entire process from the incoming order, through designing and manufacturing to packaging and transportation is done in house;
  • All of our employees come from the valve world or have specific knowledge of their specialism;
  • There is a high priority in training and education for our employees to maintain professional competence at the highest level;
  • The organization has a HSQE department (health, safety, quality and environment);
  • The company is in possession of all standard and product-specific certificates, such as ISO 9001/TS 29001 and the API Q1 spec etc.;
  • We are doing fire safe tests by ourselves in an approved test environment, which resulted that we are accredited by major customers;
  • Full traceability of materials. From the source to the end product;
  • Issuance of all necessary certificates such as: material, test, torque of critical parts in the assembly, coating thickness measurement, etc;
  • The cladding of materials is done in a robotic welding cell.